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Learn how the world's top brands and agencies use Affinio to identify and understand the interest-based communities that exist within their audiences to create and deliver highly targeted content and strategies. 

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Success stories

To prep for an album release, Universal Music UK’s research team needed to conduct consumer research to inform a creative marketing strategy. Under a tight deadline, the research team needed to identify cultural audience insights.

Affinio analyzed billions of social signals across the web to instantly identify the target audiences of the artist. In less than three hours, Universal Music UK had rich audience data, real-time segmentation, and cultural insights. 

The speed and scale at which Affinio operates allowed their team to dramatically reduce their research time, leaving more time to focus on the release strategy.

“Without Affinio, we would have conducted qualitative fieldwork – a time intensive process that would have taken weeks.”

Alexandra Dodd, Research & Planning Executive Universal Music UK


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Affinio is an award-winning interest analytics platform that leverages the interest graph to understand today's consumer.

We empower the world's leading brands, agencies, media companies, and publishers to redefine the way they research, plan, and execute marketing strategies.

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